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What’s Up – November 26

The November 26 What's Up Header Image featuring Lizzie Carmine holding a Thanksgibbing-skinned weapon

Welcome to this week’s What’s Up! With so much big news over the last few weeks, we’re going to be a little brief today.

Next week, we’re bringing back the Developer’s Playlist with a few minor adjustments. 

We want to further iterate on some weapons within the beta tuning that we feel aren’t currently meeting the goals within that space.

By and large we are satisfied with the current tuning in the Developer’s Playlist but we feel a few small tweaks are needed to make sure each weapon has a specific and balanced role on the battlefield.

Our view is the Snub, Enforcer and Talon overperform compared to other weapons currently. The Lancer was lacking in a meaningful role and the new changes make it more viable at medium to long range. The remaining tuning changes are subtle but we believe will improve the overall experience of using them.

Here are the complete changes:


  • Slightly increased accuracy with consecutive fire when standing still and moving.

Snub Pistol:

  • Reduced rate of fire from 600 -> 480 (8 shots/s).


  • Reduced base damage from 55 -> 40
  • Reduced active ROF multiplier from 1.25x -> 1.1x

Talon Pistol:

  • Reduced base damage from 45 -> 30
  • Reduced active ROF multiplier from 1.25x -> 1.1x


  • Increased the rate at which the player becomes accurate when transitioning into ADS. Focused on improving the feel of standing still and hitting accurate pop shots.


  • Reduced magnetism at all ranges by 50%
  • Increased the view distance of the 2nd level of zoom


  • Increased the speed when switching from a grenade to another weapon

As some of you have noticed, a few of our TC family has been posting goodbyes on Twitter as their contracts come to an end. While this may come as a surprise to you, our fans, these are planned departures that are part of a Microsoft policy that is aligned with broader industry practices.

We want to take this moment to thank everyone that has played a crucial role in the development of Gears 5, Gears Tactics, Gears Pop! and the upcoming Hivebuster DLC – games of this scale are only successful due to the contributions of many people. 

At The Coalition we believe that “if you want to go fast go alone but if you want to go far, go together,” and thanks to the hard work of everyone this studio, we have been able to go much farther than we ever dreamt. This is not goodbye because you never say farewell to family.

And, for our fans, rest assured as there is still a team hard at work on Gears 5.

And we’re still on the lookout for great new talent. If you think you got what it takes, check out our current job postings.

That’s it for this week but make sure to join us this afternoon as Michael Shannon joins us to talk about how Nexus came to life!

– TC

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