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What’s Up – June 18, 2020

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Welcome to What’s Up, our weekly blog where we’ll recap everything big in the world of Gears. In What’s Up this week:

  • Developer Playlist added to Gears 5
  • Operation 3 extended until July 14
  • Final Three Versus Events Medal Groups coming
Kait Diaz point towards an unknown item, directing various units.

The team has a list of planned changes they want to make to Gears 5. Whether it’s adjusting weapon & movement tuning to tweaking existing modes to testing out new features, there is a lot we want to do to improve how Gears 5 plays.

So, effective today we’re adding a Developer’s Playlist to Gears 5. This is a critical step for us as this list will allow us to test potential changes before we roll them out into the full game.

This playlist will be dynamic and reactive. But the critical feature is it will allow you to play and more importantly, give us valuable feedback.

We wanted to launch our Developer Playlist with a bang so until the end of the Operation, we’re testing the impact of removing adhesion from all weapons and changes to the active reload system. It’s a big one, we know!

Adhesion is one of three tools (along with magnetism and friction) used in Gears 5 that help the shooter stay on target when actively tracking moving enemies. These features exist in some capacity in almost every modern console shooter to create a consistent experience when aiming with thumbsticks.

We’ve heard your feedback about the impact that adhesion has especially in assault-style weapons. By removing adhesion, while still keeping magnetism and friction, the gunplay in the Developer Playlist will feel more like the original Gears of War games.

We look forward to hearing your feedback – just remember, better skill will be required to track moving objects and land shots with more precision.

Note: If you have already disabled aim assist in the frontend, then you will not notice any change.

The increased power of an Active loadout weapon is something we’ve been looking at for while. We all know how quickly an Active Lancer, or Lancers, can melt someone.

In this iteration of the Developer Playlist, we’re also changing the Active Reload effects for all Loadout weapons so the only active bonus is a faster reload. This is similar to what already exists in the Gnasher.

We’ve also adjusted the ‘perfect’ active zone. It has now been moved to the left (to the start of the grey active zone) and has been slightly increased in size to compensate.

Make sure to tune into today’s Developer Stream. We’ve got Jamie Mactaggart, lead gameplay designer, on to talk about the Developer Playlist and to answer all your questions.

We’ve set-up a dedicated thread on our Gears forums for to you provide feedback on these changes. Check it out here

As we revealed on last week’s Developer Stream, we made the tough decision to delay Operation 4 until July 14. This is an unfortunate by-product of the team working from home due to COVID-19.

We know you’re all anxious to see what Operation 4 will bring but you’ll have to wait a bit longer. We really appreciate your patience on this – we can’t wait to share what we’ve got planned.

An example of the different versus events available in Gears 5

For those of you clamoring to finalize the Versus Events medal group and claim the Niles Boomshot, hold on to your butts.  Every week for the next three weeks, we’re going to add a new event with an associated medal challenge!

But we wanted to make it a little more fun that; so for the final two weeks of Operation 3, we’re giving you the option to vote for which playlist you want. We’ll let you know the choices closer to the voting date.

As for next week’s event, it promises to be positively golden.

That’s it from us this week. Don’t forget to drop by today’s stream and we’ll see you on the battlefield.


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