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This Week in Gears: January 26 – Feb 1

With another week upon us, we have another edition of This Week in Gears lined up for you.

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As mentioned last week, 14 Player FFA will be staying around for another week which means we’ll continue to bring the inevitable chaos you can come to expect in this mode. As a reminder we’ll be using four specific maps in this playlist – War Room, Pit, Nethercutt, and Core.

Enjoy, and let us know how you’re enjoying it!

A group of COG units emerge from cover to attack a group of Locust defenders stationed behind a different defensive structure

We don’t have a Horde event this week but don’t fret PvE fans. There is still the daily Horde challenge as well as the daily & weekly Escape Hive (Lethal Engagements) which are chocked full of great rewards.

Stay tuned as we have a special Horde event coming your way soon!

Wow! We have been utterly blown away but the Gears Glory submissions and everyone’s creativity. Feast your eyes on a few examples chosen by our Community team below.

A user created drawing of a Locust character

Karnage! From @StormyValravn

A user created drawing of two Carmine characters

@Raikou1015Sorry’s favourite Gears drawings!

An arm with a tattoo of a Locust enemy

@epic_nero’s amazing tattoo!

A fan created drawing for Gears of War Judgment

@CharlyCesar3’s fantastic artwork!

A fan created drawing of General RAAM and an unknown COG soldier fighting

@IvanDrawPiu’s face-to-face confrontation

Thank you to everyone who’s submitted content so far! Next week’s This Week in Gears will reveal the new theme for Gears Glory.

New store items for the week of Jan 26, 2021
  • Locust Sniper – 250 Iron
  • Sketched Full weapon set – 850 Iron
  • Long Count Expression – 300 Iron
Featured store items for the week of Jan 26, 2021
  • Academy Anthony – 500 Iron or 4,000 Gears Coins
  • Firestarter Benjamin – 350 Iron or 2,800 Gears Coins (30% off)
  • Biker Gary – 500 Iron or 4,000 Gears Coins
  • Pistol Pack: Cold Blooded execution – 300 Iron or 2,400 Gears Coins
  • Tiger Legacy weapon set – 425 Iron or 3,400 Gears Coins

As Firestarter Benjamin is already in the store permanently, we’ve added a special feature discount price just for this week!

Last week we announced there will be no Chrome Steel skins for the next weeks; this means that there is no skin to purchase this week. Keep an eye because next week we start bringing back a selection of previously released Chrome Steel skins that you may have missed out on!

Take care and have yourselves a wonderful week.


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