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Re-up changes coming Feb 9

Hello everyone!

This news post will dive into the super exciting re-up changes coming to you very soon!

Heroic Katnus holding a Heroic Ascendant Gnasher

Last year we made clear our intentions to investigate the re-up system, in this news post we will be talking about the following:

  • XP per re-up
  • Rewards handed out per re-up

We are going to start this post by looking into the amount of XP required to re-up.

Last year the team adjusted their stance on the role of XP in multiplayer, in particular, this revolved around re-ups and how the system should be balanced accordingly.

With this update, we will be significantly reducing the amount of XP required to re-up across all the tiers, your re-ups and levels will be reflected accordingly when logging in for the first time after this update.

Note: For those of you who have decided to not re-up at all, you will not be affected by this update.

With this update we’re taking steps to introduce more valued rewards for re-upping! We designed heroic rarity from the ground up with the idea of honouring the players commitment to the game – they are visually unique on purpose to draw attention to the achievements of the players who equip them and including them in the re-up system is our way of acknowledging the achievements.

With that being said we’re taking the re-up update as an opportunity to introduce three more Heroic skins; Marcus, Kantus, and the Heroic Ascendant weapon set.

Take a look at the table below for the full list of what is changing on the reward side of things.

Note: If after this update you have been moved up a few re-ups due to the stuff talked about previously, you will be automatically granted the items you should have received.

Re-up 0(1st BloodSpray)Desert camo Lancer, Gnasher and Snub & 1st Bloodspray
Re-up 1Desert camo TalonDesert camo Hammerburst, Boltok and Claw
Re-up 2Desert camo EnforcerDesert camo Overkill, Enforcer & EMBAR
Re-up 3Desert camo Retro LancerDesert camo Retro Lancer, Longshot and Markza
Re-up 4Desert camo SnubDesert camo Torque Bow, Breaker Mace and Boomshot
Re-up 5Desert camo MarkzaDesert camo Talon, Lancer GL and Dropshot
Re-up 6Desert camo DropshotGET SOME! Lancer, Gnasher and Snub
Re-up 7Desert camo OverkillGET SOME! Hammerburst, Boltok and Claw
Re-up 8Desert camo LancerGET SOME! Overkill, Enforcer & EMBAR
Re-up 9Desert camo EMBARGET SOME! Retro Lancer, Longshot and Markza
Re-up 10Desert camo LancerGLGET SOME! Torque Bow, Breaker Mace and Boomshot
Re-up 11Desert camo Breaker MaceGET SOME! Talon, Lancer GL and Dropshot
Re-up 12Desert camo BoomshotTeam ICE Snub
Re-up 13Desert camo LongshotTeam ICE Breaker Mace
Re-up 14Desert camo HammerburstTeam ICE Markza
Re-up 15Desert camo BoltokTeam ICE Hammerburst
Re-up 16Desert camo Torque BowTeam ICE Overkill
Re-up 17Desert camo ClawTeam ICE Boomshot
Re-up 18Art Deco Retro LancerTeam ICE Torque Bow
Re-up 19Desert camo GnasherTeam ICE EMBAR
Re-up 20GET SOME! TalonHeroic Marcus
Re-up 21GET SOME! HammerburstTeam ICE Claw
Re-up 22GET SOME! EnforcerTeam ICE Talon
Re-up 23GET SOME! Retro LancerTeam ICE Boltok
Re-up 24GET SOME! SnubTeam ICE Longshot
Re-up 25GET SOME! MarkzaTeam ICE Gnasher
Re-up 26GET SOME! DropshotTeam ICE Lancer GL
Re-up 27GET SOME! OverkillTeam ICE Retro Lancer
Re-up 28GET SOME! EMBARTeam ICE Dropshot
Re-up 29GET SOME! BOOMSHOTTeam ICE Enforcer
Re-up 30GET SOME! LancerTeam ICE Lancer
Re-up 31GET SOME! Breaker MaceHeroic Ascendant Enforcer
Re-up 32GET SOME! LongshotHeroic Ascendant Breaker Mace
Re-up 33GET SOME! LancerGLHeroic Ascendant Markza
Re-up 34GET SOME! BoltokHeroic Ascendant Dropshot
Re-up 35GET SOME! Torque BowHeroic Ascendant Overkill
Re-up 36GET SOME! ClawHeroic Ascendant Boomshot
Re-up 37GET SOME! GnasherHeroic Ascendant Claw
Re-up 38Team ICE EnforcerHeroic Ascendant Talon
Re-up 39Team ICE Breaker MaceHeroic Ascendant Boltok
Re-up 40Team ICE MarkzaHeroic Ascendant Gnasher
Re-up 41Team ICE DropshotHeroic Ascendant Longshot
Re-up 42Team ICE OverkillHeroic Ascendant EMBAR
Re-up 43Team ICE BoomshotHeroic Ascendant Lancer GL
Re-up 44Team ICE Torque BowHeroic Ascendant Retro Lancer
Re-up 45Team ICE ClawHeroic Ascendant Hammerburst
Re-up 46Team ICE Talon & BoltokHeroic Ascendant Scorcher
Re-up 47Team ICE Longshot & EMBARHeroic Ascendant Torque Bow
Re-up 48Team ICE Lancer GL, Hammerburst & Retro LancerHeroic Ascendant Lancer & Snub
Re-up 49Team ICE Lancer, Gnasher & SnubHeroic Kantus

And we are not quite finished just yet, to celebrate the re-up update we have some pretty important events that we would like to announce.

We’ll be launching the re-up update on Tuesday, February 9. When this update goes live we’ll be granting 14 days of boost to all players, and finally, we’ll be having a HUGE 4x ALL XP weekend which takes place from the 12th of February and finishes on the 15th. This should give you all a hefty jump to start grinding on the new rewards!

Get hyped.


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