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Gears 5 Live Update: October 3rd

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This afternoon, the team used data from the last three weeks to re-calibrate the Tier Points (and corresponding rankings) of all ranked players in Gears 5. We understand that some of these changes may appear dramatic but this was a necessary step to accurately show a player’s rank in comparison to the overall player population.

In Gears of War 4, this re-calibration took place with the rollover of a new Ranked season; however, with no legacy data to rely on, we made this adjustment early in the season to better distribute players for the future and reduce the bottleneck of player’s at certain ranks.

This is a change may increase or decrease your rank and will occur after completing a Versus match. Please note that the large point change has nothing to do with your performance in that match, but rather your cumulative performance since the launch of Gears 5 relative to the rest of the players.

In the future, these kinds of changes will be smaller or happen at the start of a season. Sorry for any confusion. Going forward, we will announce any similar updates prior to them being deployed.

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