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The new Gears 5 Ranked System is finally here! 

An example of some of the core features of the Ranked System for Gears 5.

We realize the previous Gears 5 Ranked System didn’t work as we hoped. While it was an accurate representation of a player’s skill, the end result is it often felt arbitrary, confusing and generally frustrating.

A few months ago, the team began overhauling the Ranked experience with a focus on two clear goals:

  • Reflect a player’s skill
  • Easy to understand

At its core, this new Ranked System is a journey. At the beginning of the season everyone starts at Bronze – placement matches are no longer required – how far and how quick you rank up is based on how good you are and how much you play.

Matchmaking is based on your Rank. We’ll do our best to make sure you match up against people in your Rank but, depending on region, mode, and time of day, your teammates and opponents can be up to one rank above or below, e.g. a Silver player can play with and against Gold players. Remember everyone is progressing at different rates so your journey may be different but the best players will rise to the top.

Whatever level you reach, we designed the new system to be transparent so you always know exactly why you’re ranking up or down.

We’re rewarding all Ranked players for the time they invest with in-game rewards during and at the end of the season. The higher you reach the better stuff you get!

Since this is such a massive departure from our previous Ranked System, we’re starting Operation 4 with a Ranked Preseason. Taking place over the first few weeks of Operation 4, we’re going to use this time to gather your feedback, monitor progress and make any adjustments before we launch the full season.

As with our previous Ranked System, there are six different levels that players will progress through with each rank featuring three (3) tiers. Every player will start out in Bronze 1, the lowest tier in the lowest rank and then work their way upwards towards the highest rank Master.

Players move up the ranks based on how many Gears Points (GP) they have.  The best and fastest way to rank up is to win. Players will also earn GP for how they perform in the match – so depending on the mode getting eliminations, caps, breaks, and more are all critical to ranking up.

Every match costs GP to compete, so – the higher your Rank the more it costs to enter.

In Operation 4, we’ve altered the list of Ranked modes to provide what we believe will be the best competitive and matchmaking experience for all Ranked players.

As such, we’ve selected modes that represent a wide variety of the most popular play styles: King of the Hill (multi-respawns) and Gridiron (single-life) as well as a smaller squad with 2v2 Gnashers and solo play in Free For All.

Team Deathmatch & Escalation are being removed from Ranked. Team Deathmatch will now be in a dedicated Quickplay playlist and Escalation will continue to be available in custom lobbies.

We will use the preseason to gather data and feedback to validate which modes will provide the best overall Ranked experience.

Make sure to tune into our Developer Stream today as our Jonathan Taylor, Lead Gameplay Designer, will go over ranked in more details.


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