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What’s up – Operation 5: Hollow Storm

The Operation 5 Hollow Storm key art which features Dizzy Wallin holding a gnasher and a Locust Skorge screaming behind him

Get ready for Operation 5: Hollow Storm!

Operation 5 takes us back to the vibes of Gears 2 and 3. We’ve added iconic characters, new maps including River and the all-new Imulsion-themed map Nexus, the fiery Scorcher, and much more.  

We’ve overhauled Horde and Escape by separating characters from classes, continuing to refine the PvP experience, introduced a new Heroic cosmetic as well as added an all-new Tour of Duty.

A Locust Skorge in the air about to attack Dizzy Wallin, Anya Stroud, and Tai Kaliso who are reacting accordingly

There is only one option…ATTACK! Grab Dizzy Wallin and Tai Kaliso to recreate the fight against Skorge (we recommend mid-bridge in River for all the Gears 2 feels). Or pick up Anya Stroud and pair her with Marcus to fight for tomorrow.

Dizzy, Tai, Anya and Skorge are now available individually or as part of the Operation 5 bundle in the Gears 5 Store.

The Lambent Drone, Lambent Grenadier, and Lambent Theron Guard will make their way into Gears later this Operation. Stay tuned!

Gabe Diaz from Gears Tactics, who makes an appearance in Operation 5

And don’t forget Gabe Diaz! Any player that completes the Gears Tactics tutorial will automatically unlock him once they log back into Gears 5.

The underground of the Nexus map, available with the Operation 5 update

Set deep under Mount Kadar, this Locust Stronghold will have you battling amongst rivers of Imulsion.

The courtyard of the Regency Multiplayer Map

Set high above the clouds, this regal map has features fights inside and outdoors with views that will inspire both awe and fear.

The destroyed remains of a city and the bridge that cross a river, from the map River

Echoes from past permeate this classic Gears 2 map. Which path will you choose – rush to the bridge for a head-to-head fight or make your way to the houses to grab the Longshot / Torque Bow and lay waste to the foes below you?

A destroyed city from the Gridlock Multiplayer Map

Bombed-out cars and trucks provide plenty of cover in this classic map – take note of the new cool blue lighting which we think provides a subtle calming effect to this seaside warzone.

The titular clock tower from the Clock Tower Multiplayer Map

The Swarm’s arrival at this city center has brought this once revered plaza from disrepair to complete ruin.

And as a special bonus, we’ve added another tile-based FFA map – War Room. This map is set within an underground COG bunker where you will navigate the many winding halls trying to slay out and stay alive. This map will be playable in both Ranked FFA and in custom lobbies.

A few examples of the different weapon skins and character outfits available in Operation 5 Hollow Storm

The rewards in the new Tour of Duty will keep you playing throughout Operation 5.  Make your push to General to unlock Lambent RAAM.

Along the way you’ll earn three new weapon sets, marks, bloodsprays and expressions. And if you progress beyond General, you can continue to progress and earn precious Gears Coins that you can use for items in the store.

PvE has received a major update in Operation 5. We’ve decoupled characters and classes, added new and skill cards rewards and unveiled variety of Horde and Escape challenges. Read our recent PvE blog for all the details.

For the PvP players, we’ve implemented our Community Service program to deal with quitters, updated the Ranked bonuses, and made some changes to our playlists. Here is a breakdown of all thew news.

That’s all for us. We can’t wait to hear what you think of Operation 5, join in the conversation on Twitterthe forumsDiscord or the community reddit /r/GearsofWar!

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