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What’s Up – August 6

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Welcome to What’s Up, your weekly overview of the big things happening in the world of Gears. After all the big news from the past few weeks, this will be a brief one.

Reminder, the Developer Playlist is live today! Check out all the details here. You can find it in Gears 5 in the Quickplay section in Versus.

Due to the extensive nature of the changes we’re testing, we know there will be lots of opinions and discussion! As such, we anticipate this playlist will be up for several weeks as gather feedback, review data and make any changes.

The developer playlist will take place in King of the Hill and custom lobbies – so you can try it out with friends in your favorite mode.

Once you’ve had your hands on it for a bit, make sure to head over to the Gears 5 Forums and give us your feedback.

Wow! It’s only been two days and the new 8 player FFA is a hit (not mention all the flashy Chrome Steel Bairds we’ve seen running around)!  But we’re not done, we’re also adding 4 additional maps to the FFA rotation.

The new FFA maps are:

  • Bunker
  • Exhibit
  • Icebound
  • Reclaimed

That’s it for us this week. Make sure to pop by the developer stream as we’ll be joined The Coalition’s Jonathan Taylor and James McAlary who were responsible for this iteration of Developer’s Playlist.


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