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Omen Improvements

Changing something as fundamental as the Omen to meet our new gameplay needs was always going to be challenging.

While we believe the New Omen is generally popular in the community, we know it has not been for everybody – especially those who really value a less impactful, ultra readable minimalist visual overlay.

In response to that feedback, we set out to build an alternative option for those players who want more screen space visibility when damaged, while ensuring we supported the critical visual feedback needed from our various gameplay systems.

You got your first glimpse of this new potential approach late last year, when Multiplayer Design Director Ryan Cleven put a call out to the community to provide feedback on a ‘simple omen’ concept our UI team had put together.

Following the positive response, our team got to work bringing it to life alongside further updates to our current Omen (known as the Immersive Omen). Later this month, coming with Title Update 4, you will have the ability to toggle between the brand new Simple Omen and existing Immersive Omen!

Simple Omen at 10% Damage
Simple Omen at 25% Damage
Simple Omen at 50% Damage
Simple Omen at 75% Damage
Simple Omen at 99% Damage

The new Simple Omen option removes damage information from the edges of the screen, instead putting the focus on amplifying the center COG as you take more damage.

The current Immersive Omen as it exists today (pre-TU4) at 99% Damage
The improved Immersive Omen at 99% Damage (coming in TU4)

For fans of the existing Immersive Omen, we have reduced the overall redness to increase battlefield readability in gameplay.

The Active Damage Indicator shown on the Simple Omen (coming in TU4)
The Active Damage Indicator in action on the Simple Omen

We’ve also added new Active Damage indicators for both the Simple and Immersive Omens to improve your ability to read the potency of incoming fire.

For those of you out there who have been waiting for this new Simple Omen – or those of you who just want to give it a whirl – we’d love to hear your feedback once you’ve played with it after TU4 releases later this month.

If you’d like to see more footage of these new improvements in action, including the Immersive Omen changes, join us for our Developer Stream today at 3pm PT on

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