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Developer Playlist Update

In conjunction with today’s Title Update, we are updating the Developer’s Playlist  so we can test out changes to the Longshot, melee lunge, health regeneration and the Gnasher spread size.

Longshot: Although we don’t really see any real issues with how the weapon currently performs, we want to try out some mechanics that will hopefully lead to great moments that skilled players can pull off consistently.

  • Reduced Bullet Magnetism by 50% at all ranges
  • When a player is stationary, they will become 100% accurate

This means that if a player stands still, they can hardaim, popshot or blindfire precisely and hit the same spot each time. NOTE: This tuning will also be included in this week’s Special Versus event – OSOK – so we can test out this change in a very broad fashion.

Previous Longshot tuning
Developer Playlist Longshot tuning

Melee Lunge: We are updating the distance and consistency of the melee lunge so it feels more consistent and reduces the distance.

  • Reduced Lunge Distance: 215uu -> 160uu
  • Increased Melee Cone: 50 degrees -> 60 degrees

Health Regeneration: Near the end of Gears of War 4’s active development cycle, we made an adjustment to the health regeneration mechanics. This change meant the delay before healing while in cover was half that of a player out of cover (1.5s In Cover, 3s out of Cover). We feel this mechanic doesn’t read well and often leads to feelings of inconsistent damage when following up on weak targets.

  • The Health Regeneration Delay will now be consistently 2.5s after the last damage taken.

Gnasher: With the recent adjustments made in the previous beta tuning update, we feel Gnasher is in a much better spot; however, we also hear your feedback around its strength at range. We feel a slight adjustment to the spread size will help keep the damage up close feeling good but also dropping off in a much healthier way for gameplay.

  • ADS Spread: 0.47 > 0.66
  • Hipfire Spread: 0.6 > 0.88

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