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Operation 6 – Reveal & Timing Changes

Victor Hoffman clutching some cog tags while kneeling in a graveyard-like setting

Hello everyone! 

The time has arrived to start talking about Operation 6! 

Based on feedback from the community, we spent the holiday period reorganizing planned Operations to give you more content more often. This change will see the length of our operations shortened from 16 weeks to 11 weeks.

Additionally, we know that you’ve all loved us releasing mid-operation content such as the Carmines pack, so we’re going to be shifting our Operations to two content drops per operation: one launch drop and one mid-op drop, each drop will contain at least one map and two new characters. 

And with that, let’s move over to the content! 

Victor Hoffman holding a lancer inside a bunker

A soldier to the core, Colonel Victor Hoffman was instrumental in leading the COG to victory against the UIR and Locust. To meet the Swarm threat, the retired commander founded Scorpio Squad as a return to his favored approach: to strike the enemy where they live. 

Queen Reyna with her arms stretched out about to strike

Transformed after death, Queen Reyna is the prime conduit through which the Swarm hive-mind courses. Once an Outsider leader and mother of Kait Diaz, Reyna’s reawakening now poses a threat of existential proportions to the humans of Sera. 

A Locust Zealot in a leaping stance

The Locust Zealot is the result of Ukkon’s experiments with Imulsion and Kantus physiology. These religious fanatics are unique in their ferocity and unmatched in their devotion to eradicating humanity from the planet.

The abandoned church from the Speyer map with deserted vehicles in front of it

Evacuated long ago, this district is a picture of the pre-Locust-war life. Its opulent interiors and quaint plazas are suited to longer-range engagements. Controlling the sanctuary requires winning close-quarters fights while teams must coordinate to dominate the sprawling academy.

We have a number of posts that’ll be releasing during the week covering the other aspects of Operation 6, make sure to keep your eye out for those! 


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