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Carmines Arrive in Gears 5!

The boys are back in town! Anthony, Benjamin and Gary Carmine are rocking into Gears 5 today from our weekly reset time of 10am PT. Check ‘em out in action in the trailer above.

Anthony, Benjamin and Gary are different from previous character releases in that they will initially only be playable in Versus multiplayer. For our PVE fans, we know you want to play with these characters too. We have a broader PVE plan coming that will allow you to take these – and all COG – characters into Horde or Escape.

As always, each Character can be earned through gameplay by crafting their Totem, equipping it, and earning 30,000 XP. You’ll also be able to purchase each Carmine for 500 Iron, as with all other Characters, or in one of two brand new bundles!

Carmine Bundle – $9.99 USD

  • Anthony Carmine Character
  • Benjamin Carmine Character
  • Gary Carmine Character
  • Poetic Justice Weapon Skin Set
  • Carmine Must Die Bloodspray
  • Save Carmine Bloodspray
  • Carmine Family Banner
  • Carmine Must Die Banner
  • Save Carmine Banner

Deluxe Carmine Bundle – 1800 Iron

  • Academy Anthony Carmine Character Skin
  • Firestarter Benjamin Carmine Character Skin
  • Biker Gary Carmine Character Skin
  • + All of the above Bundle content!

For those of you who want the Deluxe Carmine Bundle Character Skins without buying the bundle, you’ll also be able to purchase each skin through the Store individually in the next few weeks.

Update 5/12: The Carmine and Carmine Deluxe Bundles were launched with an old description mentioning the ‘Poetic Justice’ Weapon Skin set. We have decided to add this Weapon Skin set to the bundle as of this afternoon.

Existing purchasers will be awarded this pack in the near future. Please keep an eye on for further updates.

This release marks the start of a change in our approach to Characters in Gears 5. We’ve heard loud and clear that you want to see more of your favorite Characters back sooner – which is why we have scrapped our mandate of Characters needing to release with PVE or new Arcade skillsets.

By removing this mandate, this means we’ll be able to release characters into the game more often and in higher volume just like you’ve asked us to do.

For our PVE fans, we know you want to access these characters too. As we mentioned above, we have a broader plan for PVE we’re working on that will let you take all COG characters into Horde or Escape.

This is just one part of how we’re pivoting Gears 5 in a variety of areas to address your feedback fully, just like our Ranking System rework. Over the coming Operations, you’ll see more initiatives like this come to life as a result of us fundamentally re-evaluating the foundations of Gears 5. Anything has been and is on the table.

Thanks for your continued support, and we hope you have a blast with the Carmines!


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