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This week in Gears – Operation 6

Hello everyone! 

We’re less than 24 hours away from the launch of Operation 6 and have some added details coming your way. 

The Operation 6 Trailer thumbnail, featuring a kneeling Victor Hoffman and the Operation 6 logo

Control is based on King of the Hill but with some changes. While the main objective will be to capture an objective area, you will be required to stay inside the area to score points for your team. Additionally, each player will have an individual respawn timer and the ring will be 2.5 times bigger than the regular King of the Hill ring.

We have a brand-new Horde event kicking off Operation 6 – Escape from Kadar 

Niles has been up to his old tricks again and has created unique enemies for you to take on in this 10-wave epic. 

Expect to encounter unique Locust enemies who will use weapons such as the Retro Lancer and even the pipe!

Oh… and expect many, many sires. 

Read here for the full details on both events!

This bundle will give you access to the three, new Operation 6 drop 1 characters, a new weapon set, and more!

Character Skin Armored Hoffman 
Character Skin Queen Reyna 
Character Skin Zealot  
Weapon Skin High Tea Full Set 
Banner The Fallen Banner 
Mark Reyna Hairpin Mark 
Bloodspray Enemy COG Tag Bloodspray 
Boost 30d 
Iron 700 Iron 

You can purchase the Bundle for $14.99 USD. 

Showing the different Operation 6 Tour of Duty rewards from Recruit all the way to General.

We have a new set of rewards for the new Tour of Duty this operation, with the General reward being the striking Blood Red Queen Reyna.

Along the way, you will earn five character skins, three new weapon sets, a mark, bloodspray, and an expression. Should you reach General, you can continue to progress and earn even more Gears Coins that you can use for items in the store.

You can see the full Tour of Duty reward table below! 

Name Reward Name 
Recruit I 2,000 Coins 
Recruit II Jigsaw Loadout Set 
Recruit III 750 Coins 
Recruit IV Iridescent Precision Set 
Recruit V Collector’s Zealot 
Private I 1,000 Coins  
Private II 1,000 Coins 
Private III Jigsaw Power Set 
Private IV 1,000 Coins 
Private V Swarm Elite Drone UIR 
Corporal I 1,000 Coins 
Corporal II Jigsaw Assault Set 
Corporal III 1,000 Coins 
Corporal IV 100 Iron 
Corporal V Iridescent Power Set 
Sergeant I 1,250 Coins 
Sergeant II 100 Iron 
Sergeant III 1,250 Coins 
Sergeant IV Jigsaw Precision Set 
Sergeant V Hivebuster Fahz 
Officer I 1,500 Coins 
Officer II Iridescent Assault Set 
Officer III 1,500 Coins 
Officer IV GAS Bloodspray 
Officer V Iridescent Loadout Set 
Lieutenant I 1,750 Coins 
Lieutenant II 100 Iron 
Lieutenant III 1,750 Coins 
Lieutenant IV Commendation Precision Set 
Lieutenant V Peace Expression 
Captain I 2,000 Coins 
Captain II 2,000 Coins 
Captain III Commendation Power Set 
Captain IV 2,000 Coins 
Captain V Embry Star Mark 
Major I 2,250 Coins 
Major II 2,250 Coins 
Major III 100 Iron 
Major IV 2,250 Coins 
Major V Captain Hoffman 
Colonel I 2,500 Coins 
Colonel II 2,500 Coins 
Colonel III Commendation Assault Set 
Colonel IV 2,500 Coins 
Colonel V Gunslinger Expression 
Major General I 2,750 Coins 
Major General II 3,000 Coins 
Major General III Commendation Loadout Set 
Major General IV 3,500 Coins 
Major General V 100 Iron 
General Blood Red Queen Reyna 
Legend 750 Coins per legend rank 

With a new operation comes a new medal list for you to complete! As always, each individual medal gives you progress towards your Tour of Duty, and if you finish a medal group, expect some extra coins for your efforts.

Note: You can view the PvP and PvE medal groups here

Name Description Stars 
Team Medic Revive 150 Teammates 
Marksman Hit 500 Headshots 
Executioner Get 150 Executions 
Finish Them Get 4000 Kills 
Body Count Get 10000 Eliminations 
Carnage Do 10000000 Damage 

Completion of this medal group will grant: 2,000 coins 

Name Description Stars 
Boomshot Body Count Get 50 Eliminations with the Boomshot 
Heavy Weapon Carnage Deal 100000 With Heavy Weapons 
Gnasher Body Count Get 250 Eliminations with the Gnasher 
Claw Carnage Deal 150000 Damage with the Claw LMG 
Overkill Body Count Get 100 Eliminations with the Overkill 
Grenade Body Count Get 100 Eliminations using Frag and Shock Grenades 

Completion of this medal group will grant: 2,000 coins 

Name Description Stars 
Honor The Fallen Complete 150 Versus Rounds, Horde Waves or Escape Acts 
Adapt & Overcome Hit 100 Active Reload Kills (Lancer, Gnasher & Snub not included in Versus) 
Take This Territory Get 50 Ring Captures in Versus Matches 
Lead by Example Get 15 Kills as the leader in Guardian Matches 
New Build Get 150 Eliminations with the Lancer GL, Overkill or Talon 
Decorated Strategist Score 1000 points in a Versus Match 15 times in a Versus Match 
Present. Arms. Get 25 Headshots with the Longshot or EMBAR 

Completion of this medal group will grant: 3,000 coins 

Name Description Stars 
Victorious Win 80 Versus Matches 
Dust to DustWin 20 Rounds of Versus OR Waves of Horde, Frenzy or Escape on Inconceivable Difficulty or higher 
Impact Player Get 15 Kills or higher in a single Versus match 
Got Your BackGet a Double Kill in 2v2 Gnasher 
Against the odds Get 10 Double-Kills in Versus Matches 
Liberate This Land! Get 5 Ring-Breaks in a single Versus Match 
Heroic Strategist Score 2000 Points or more in 25 Versus Quickplay Matches 
First Blood Get the First Kill 10 times in Versus Matches 

Completion of this medal group will grant: 5,000 coins 

An abandoned research facility, part of the Weekly Hive "Venom Run"

This Weekly Hive has a very simple description: “Just run, run, run”! Outrun the venom and get to the exit!

The new items, now available in the Gears 5 store for the Week of March 2
  • Armored Hoffman – 250 iron 
  • Queen Reyna – 250 iron 
  • Zealot Kantus – 250 iron 
  • Locust Zealot Mark – 65 iron 
  • U Mad? Bloodspray – 125 iron 
The featured items, now available in the Gears 5 store for the Week of March 2
  • Collector’s Minh – 250 Iron, 2,000 Gears Coins 
  • Vold RAAM – 250 Iron, 2,000 Gears Coins 
  • Ghost Legacy Set – 850 Iron, 6,800 Gears Coins 
  • Rock Paper Scissors expression – 300 Iron, 2,400 Gears Coins 
  • Chrome Steel Kantus – $9.99 USD 
  • Chrome Steel Palace Guard – $9.99 USD 
  • Chrome Steel Queen Myrrah – $9.99 USD 
  • Chrome Steel Legacy Weapon Set – $9.99 USD 

And to close out, here are the patch notes scheduled to release in Operation 6:

  • FFA Gnashers/Torque Bow Tag: Regular weapon spawns that persisted in certain maps will no longer continue to do so.
  • A rare instance in which a user may start with no weapon on ‘Gnashers Only’ modes has been addressed.
  • The observer numbers when spectating will now correctly line up.
  • Players now spawn in their correct position in Escalation. 
  • Players will now spawn after joining a Guardian game in progress while their leader is still alive.
  • Players will no longer see the placeholder leader skin if they have no customization installed. 
  • Gridiron: A endzone projection will no longer clip into a boat on Canals. 
  • Gnasher: The Gnasher will now show ‘tracers’ when firing, this will allow you to visually see where your bullet trails go. 
  • We’ve now improved the consistency when it comes to gibbing a player who’s sliding into cover.
  • Playlists that are set as 4 v 4 will no longer fill to 5 v 5 when bot backfilling is enabled.
  • Upon dying, Jack characters would see an “Ultimate Ready” text line, this is now fixed.
  • Users should no longer encounter multi-second freezes while playing Escape.
  • Horde: Fortifications placed inside walls will now be able to be picked back up.
  • Horde/Escape: Decreased the Frozen Damage Multiplier for Snipers from 5x to 3x.
  • Horde/Escape: Reduced Fabricator spawn blocking distance on River from 30m to 25m.
  • Horde/Escape: Decreased Frozen Damage Multiplier for Shotguns from 7x to 3x
  • Horde/Escape: Tweaked the following daily rewards
  • Skill Cards (Advanced) 3 -> 4
  • Coins (Beginner) 100 -> 200
  • Coins (Inconceivable) 300 -> 400
  • Coins (Advanced) 150 -> 300
  • Blademaster: The Blademaster now correctly receives 30% damage resistance from melee attacks. (Previously hotfixed)
  • Pilot: When equipped on the Silverback, the Scorcher will no longer point to the ground.
  • Outsider Kait: Kait’s gums will no longer clip through her lip while performing the “Thumbs up” expression.
  • Esports Kait: Kait’s shoulders are now weighted correctly during expressions which addresses clipping issues.
  • One of Dizzy’s character lines will no longer have a narrator voice play.
  • Characters will no longer display the wrong full model when full customization is not installed.
  • The character skin faction icon for cards will no longer overlap with the rarity. 
  • Sid will no longer say “get out of my way” when shot by a teammate.
  • Abominable Grenadier: A minor weighting issue has been fixed on the cloth.
  • Recon Sid: A minor weighting issue has been fixed on Sid’s wrist while in high cover.
  • Swarm Elite Hunter: When held as a meat shield, the Hunter’s tassel will no longer flail out of control.
  • Lambent characters will now have their glow appropriately applied.
  • Jade skin: A texture seam present on the Jade Boomshot has now been fixed.
  • Myrrah: Myrrah’s Double Time voice expression no longer uses the incorrect voice line.
  • Onyx Guard Keegan: A skin clipping issue on Keegan’s left shoulder has been fixed.
  • Museum skin: The museum material at the back of the Markza will now be wooden instead of metal.
  • Jermad: Jermad will no longer use two fingers to point to his one eye in the ‘Watching you’ expression.
  • Foundation: An issue with a level of detail pop on a specific window has been addressed.
  • Nexus: Jack will no longer clip through certain segments in the map.
  • Nexus: During Horde users will no longer be able to attempt to vault through the gates at both spawns.
  • Players can now access the Extras menu even if they do not have the full campaign chunk installed.
  • The Heroic Venom Gnasher will no longer have brown crystals on the weapon when playing as the Swarm.
  • Users who have outdated graphics drivers for Gears 5 will now be advised to upgrade them to ensure they get the best gameplay experience.
  • The Async compute graphical setting being turned on will no longer cause graphical issues.
  • Fixed numerous crashes in-game across the game.
  • An issue related to players not spawning in a match has been fixed.
  • If you retro charge/attempt to chainsaw and get stunned your character will no longer automatically attempt to reload their weapon.

The Operation 6 update will launch tomorrow, Tuesday, March 2 at 4:00 AM PST/12:00 GMT. See you in-game!


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