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Kait clutching her necklace with Marcus watching attentively

The launch of the Xbox Series X|S is finally here! And whether you’ve got a new console or missed out on nabbing one before they sold out – Gears 5 is re-releasing TODAY a whole bunch of campaign goodies!

Here is a quick overview of all the great things you can enjoy in the updated Campaign:

  • Carry over your Jack progression! No matter how far you got into the campaign previously, any progress you made with Jack’s abilities will be waiting for you…even if you start from the beginning. 
  • Experience the campaign with Batista as Marcus Fenix. Batista has made no secret of how big of a fan he is of Gears so it made sense to partner with the WWE and get this man in the game!
  • Activate a wide variety of mutators that change the look, difficulty, and experience. Whether you want the silly action of big heads and voiced gun sounds or to ramp up the difficulty with Friendly Fire and more aggressive enemies, these mutators will give the campaign a whole new feel.
  • Multiplayer character and weapon skins into the campaign. Just like it sounds, spice up your campaign play through with your favorite skins.
  • If you’ve found the campaign too easy, then you can tackle the ultimate difficulty challenge in Inconceivable mode or complete it without dying in Ironman run.

And if you did get a new console, Gears 5 has been fully optimized for Xbox Series X|S with reduced load times, 4K HDR Ultra visuals on Series X, 120fps in Versus multiplayer, variable refresh rate, Quick Resume, and features Smart Delivery for players to have the best version on day one.

Check out the recent Gears 5 Campaign blog for an in-depth breakdown of all of the features.

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